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Sell your home faster!

A picture IS worth a thousand words!

If your house isn't selling or the offers that you're getting don't reflect what your house is worth, then it's time to put the power of the web to work for YOU!

Why use

Craigslist is wonderful and you can post a couple of pictures, but your ad gets pushed farther down (and harder to find) every time someone else posts a new ad.

Newspaper classifieds are expensive and your ad can get lost in the clutter (and you can't put in a picture!). Newspapers charge you for each line of text! Just point readers to and include the five-digit GHV code that we'll provide you and they can go directly to your mini-site! Fewer lines in a newspaper ad means more dollars stay in your pocket!

We can build a mini-site for your house that will available to any buyer, anywhere, 24 hrs a day for three months!

For just $177.00 (less than $1.98 per day) you get:

  • A homepage where you can use up to 300 words to tell buyers about your property in detail. We'll even spell-check your text as part of the deal! There you can post five images in small size across the top (linked to the larger versions on the second page) and repeat the best one as the main image.
  • A second, "Picture Gallery", page to hold larger versions of the images from your homepage.
  • We'll adjust all five images to create two versions of each in the proper size and optimize them for fast loading on the web. (We'll also scan your images for free if needed.)
  • Three months of hosting (rent on the "server" where your web pages will be kept).
  • An e-mail address at, if you need one.
  • You can add more images, in addition to the five that come with the package, for just $5 dollars each!
  • Discount-priced photo-retouching services are available at only $20 per hour ($10 minimum).
When your two-page mini-site is up and running, you can include the web address in your newspaper ads, fliers, brochures and postings in on-online communities. THIS is the way to be sure you get MAXIMUM response to your efforts to sell your house or condominium!

It couldn't be easier! Just fill out the simple online form, send us your pictures in an e-mail and we do the rest. Your mini-site will be online in just four business days or less!

Don't sit by, watching other houses sell, while yours waits on the sidelines. You can sell it faster by using the power of the internet to reach out to buyers and grab their attention. Click on "Place your order here" and we'll get the process started today!


About this offer...

At Home Sales Websites, we've partnered with Webfactory-Online to bring you an offer that can't be beaten. A basic five-page site from an established design house normally starts at $1,500 - $2,000 and that's what many Realtors invest to market a multi-million dollar home. Because of overhead expenses and the cost of labor, many design houses won't even start a conversation for less than $500.

The designers at Webfactory-Online have been building websites since 1995 and have now extended their internship program to bring in recent graduates from some of the top universities in the country. This has allowed them to look at projects that otherwise just wouldn't make sense financially. Taking advantage of this opportunity has made it possible for us at Home Sales Websites to develop a template process that lets us make this offer at an unbeatable price.

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